What I love about Sundays


I love Sundays! Sundays are my Sabbath, my day of rest. They are the one day each week that I am guaranteed the day off of work, I get to wake up every Sunday and get to go to church and learn and worship God. Then as is becoming a habit, I spend the day with my “adopted family” eating a nice lunch and then relaxing on the couch with a movie playing and getting ahead on my next weeks worth of school assignments.

This morning was a bit odd. I am visiting churches with my dear friend Theresa, and this morning we made it to a church located some-what near to us, and well, it was awkward. Not very welcoming, we were lost, and clueless as to where we were supposed to be for Sunday school. Usually in these situations someone helps us find the correct place to go. This morning we had to step into a classroom and ask, and then no one could tell us. They just looked at us and said a room number. Upon arriving at the room, we saw it was not the correct classroom. So we made the decision to leave and then come back in time for the main service.

Instead of returning we spent the morning exploring the town we were in, and we found our way to a Half-Priced Books! I love that place! I could spend days lost among the shelves reading, scanning, and searching out titles of books I would love to purchase, as well as seeking out books I read as a child. There are so many books I could have bought if I had the available money, but sadly 20 non-school-related books don’t fit into this months budget! 😦 But I did find a lot of titles that I used to read as a child.

  • Nancy Drew
  • Hardy Boys
  • The Boxcar Children
  • The Doll People
  • The Meanest Doll in the World
  • Junie B. Jones

There were so many others that I wish I could purchase and start collecting! Maybe over time… As for the moment though I have plenty of reading to do for school! And many assignments to go with all that reading…bleh! :/ It seems like all the reading and writing never end! But then again, I’m the one who chose to be a student at a school that requires twice as much reading and writing than that at a public and secular college.

Well, Unfortunately I have to get back to the books! But I look forward to writing posts for this blog (and I’m hoping I will actually keep with it this time) Have a great week!


Yours Truly,



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