Driving & Sunrises.

I love driving, I find it so relaxing, it gives me a safe place to think, pray, sing, and worship God. I just drove 4 1/2 hours from Dallas/Fort Worth to Houston, and I loved every minute of it. Well almost every minute of it, I didn’t like the crazy Friday morning Houston traffic, but that;s what I get for leaving DFW at 4:00am only to arrive in Houston at traffic time.

Speaking of leaving at 4 in the morning, my friends think I am absolutely nuts, but I love it so much! It’s so dark and there is nothing to look at except the road ahead of you. Don’t get me wrong, I love driving during the daylight, there are gorgeous trees, livestock, farms, and land to look at, but there is something so peaceful about driving at such an early or “strange” time as my friends call it.

It’s inky dark out, the clouds are a heavy blanket that don’t allow light through, so there are only very faint point of light from the stars, and you cannot see the moon. Everything is dark except for the patch of road lit up by your headlights, and then you see the faint red taillights of the car miles in front of you. Once those lights go over a hill, you are all alone. The darkness is vas, and the landscape change half-way through my journey, I went from scrub brush and open hills, to thick pine forest and thorny underbrush, all of those trees create an oppressive wall of black. During that portion of my trip i turned on my worship music and sang along and praised my God, and I prayed to Him. I asked Him for blessing and safety on my journey, and then I asked His direction in the lives of my coworkers, and in the life of a specific customer I had.

But between 6:00am-7:00am that when the sun starts it’s slow progression of trying to break through the inky dark blanket of night, and start it’s journey across the atmosphere. It’s a beautiful and peaceful moment. The sky lightens from that almost pitch black to a deep royal blue, and the clouds start to break up. As the sun continues to rise, the sky continually lightens, From royal blue, to a blue gray, and the clouds turn gray, and they start to look like wisps of fluff blowing in the wind. Then the closer to 7 it gets the more the sky lightens. From blue-gray to a periwinkle blue and the sun starts to breach the horizon, so now there are hues of blue-green, light purple, faint pink. There is a fog hanging over the grassy land, and the further south I drive, the heavier the fog gets.

I think I prefer sunrises to sunsets, they are both beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But there is just something special about sunrises. Almost all people get to see the sunset every night, whether they acknowledge it or not, they see it. But sunrises, you have to wake up so early, and today, so many people would prefer to just sleep that to give up an hour or two to just watch the sun come up.

Before the sun is fully over the horizon, the sky is still in a sleepy fog, light and hazy, and the sky is a beautiful mixture of pink, blue, and light orange, its like a natural version of cotton candy. Truly when the wispy clouds get mixed in, the sky is truly in likeness to cotton candy.

God has provided another day. A new day. A day full of life and adventure. A day of fellowship with family, friends, and food. God always provides. He has provided so much in just the past year alone, that I am in awe, and I truly feel His faithfulness. God always hears our cries, desires, our needs. And I (and my family) are a walking testimony of this. Prepare for a long-winded story (that’s they only way I know how to tell this story)…

About a year ago I was working as an office assistant/office manager for a family operated concrete company in Houston. The family I was working for was selling the concrete company, which supplied my work, in order to expand the 2 other companies they owned. I was losing my job and income, and seeking a job elsewhere in order to pay for classes at my local community college. At the same time I was losing my job, My mother was being let go from the company she served with for 13 years, because they were consolidating their offices to their headquarters in Florida, and they could pay someone younger, less money, to do the same job. So my mother was let go.

At the same time that these job losses were happening, my family only had 2 vehicles to transport our 5 family members. My mom and dad would carpool since they worked on the same side of town. However my older brother and I had to share the extra car. We worked on opposite sides of our town. (I am so thankful for understanding bosses! They let me make my own hours to accommodate our strange transportation issues).

My mom and dad told a few very specific people to pray that God would open doors, and provide my mother with a new job. One of those specific few people was my parents Sunday School teacher. He is the Dean of a private baptist seminary’s Houston extension campus. He was in need of an administrative assistant. He asked my mom. My mom and dad prayed about it, it was an ideal offer because it is close to home, and we would be able to carpool. It wasn’t ideal because my mom would be taking an extensive pay cut. But we found out that with her accepting this job, we would have free tuition at any of the schools campuses. A blessing and an answered prayer.

My mom accepted the job. But we were still in need of another car, carpooling would work, but it would make some very challenging situations. My mom wrote in her prayer journal, my dad prayed, but we shared this need with no one aside from family. A friend of my grandmother’s and a member of my parent’s church had a car she could no longer drive due to being legally blind. She heard my mom sing one Sunday, and told my grandmother, that my mother’s voice blessed her. She gave us her car. Just like that, she had no idea of the need we had, she just wanted to bless us like my mother’s song blessed her.

Not even a full week later, my parents got a call from some friends of theirs from Sunday School. They just bought a new car, and they were praying about what to do with the old one. Sell it, donate it, give it, etc. As they were praying, God put my parents on their hearts and minds. My parents got a phone call, we got another car. 2 cars within a week. Prayers answered.

God can do some pretty amazing stuff, like provide a new laptop when yours dies, and you are in the middle of a college semester and cannot be without one. (That happened last week).

It’s totally crazy in my mind, crazy and impossible. Free tuition one week, 2 gift cars the next. These were impossible things for my family, but not for God. He can do all things. So this morning as I was driving, Iwas thinking about all that He has done, in just a year, and I was praising and thanking Him, because it is such an impossible thing. Yet, He provided, He always provides, He will always provide. God is faithful. God is a provider.


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