Happy Friday

Gosh it’s been a busy busy couple of weeks. I had a fall break from school to move, visit friends, get ahead of school work, and in general set. Then this was our first week back in classes. I’ve decided that I need a break from that fall break. I moved successfully, but I did not get ahead on my school work like I was planning. In fact I’m actually behind. But since today is my only day off of work, I am using this day to my advantage!

Today I am getting all of my late assignments finished and turned in, then going grocery shopping, doing laundry, cleaning my room, washing dishes, etc. The list goes on, but I am determined to get most, if not all, of these tasks accomplished over the course of today!

In other news, I am finally settled on a church in the DFW area to call home! and I am now serving in their children’s ministry! I am SOSOSOSO excited! 😀 I love working with children, and my absolute favorite age to teach are 2 year olds! And that’s the class I’m helping with! They are so precious! But It definitely makes me miss all of my kiddos that I taught and babysat back in Houston!

Other than just the busy everyday mundane stuff there hasn’t been much new in my life, or anything major to write home about. I just keep holding faithful to where I am and what I’m doing, and keeping in line with the will of God.

Going to a school where all you learn is the Bible, and theology, and everything revolves around God, it gets really easy to lose sight of Jesus and having a spiritual and personal relationship with Him. You start replacing your quiet times with God for your required reading times, and you get so caught up in the theology and learning that remembering that God is not just a school subject but our Lord and King can sometimes get difficult. That is something that I am constantly battling and trying to remember. Jesus comes first then work and school second. I need to stop letting my school work replace my time with the Lord.

Do y’all often do this, maybe not in the same sense, but let work and projects overwhelm you and take over, that you begin replacing your spiritual time with God? Or you place God on a back burner? What does it take, I wonder, to break out of this bad habit of pushing God out of focus? These are my thoughts today as I complete all my chores and tasks!

🙂 Happy Friday,



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