I need a vacation

It’s almost Thanksgiving break and I need a vacation! It’s that time in the semester when everything is crashing down, all these projects, papers, and presentations are due and things start to get overwhelming.

I’m ready to give up, I want my degree already, and somedays I feel like I’m ready to move onto the next season of life. Today was one of those days, not a bad day, but I am just ready for a break from work and school.

As for wanting to move onto the next season in my life, I had one of those days where I feel as though I am totally ready to be through with school, living on my own with a steady job, or married and settling in a home with children. I so look forward to the day that I have a family of my own, I truly cannot wait.

I get to drive to Houston this weekend to see my family and I am sooooo excited!! 😀 I haven’t seen my family in just a a little under 2 months! That is wayyy too long, it has been one of the hardest things for me, but I also feel as though I am beginning to prepare myself for the day that I do have a family of my own. Theres a chance that I may not live close to my parents and brothers, and I may not get to see them as often as I wish. I am choosing to see this time as a way of preparing myself for the future.

One last thing, I HATE winter, somedays when the sky is gray and the sun doesn’t peek though, I feel like I have SAD (seasonal affect disorder). Especially since being up north after living near the coast my whole life. I’m looking forward to the heat and the summer sun, swimming, playing, and being carefree!!

Wishing I was on a boat,

Victoria 🙂 Stay warm yall!


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  1. HurstMom says:

    Me, too! Let’s run away!


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