Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Folks! I hope all of yall are spending the day with family, friends, and people who love you! In the spirit of today I wanna share some things I am thankful for!

My family, my parents and brothers, my aunts, uncles, cousins, and those friends that I have adopted as family. They are my support system, and seeing as I have a huge family, I know that just about anywhere I go, I can probably find someone I’m related to!

My friends, I would not survive through life if it weren’t for my friends. They provide encouragement, advice, and adventures!

Food, I absolutely love food, turkey, enchiladas, fajitas, King pao chicken, steak. I am a food lover and eater, and it’s even better eating good food with friends and family.

I am thankful for my school, they are constantly pouring into me and other students, preparing us to go into the world and share the Word of God. The care about our lives and the lives of unbelievers. It truly is an amazing place to learn.

I am thankful for church, even though I go to a couple (my DFW church, and my Houston church) I am thankful that I can openly go to church, and that I am not persecuted, yet. We are so very fortunate, and sometimes we don’t realize how fortunate.

I hope yall all have a wonderful warm thanksgiving!

God Bless yall,
Victoria 🙂






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  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Our good God blesses us daily through your life and the wise choices you make. Continue to seek His face and walk in His statutes. I love you!

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