Merry Christmas

Scarecrow @ Log Cabin Village
Scarecrow @ Log Cabin Village
Blacksmith @ Log Cabin Village
Blacksmith @ Log Cabin Village

Merry Christmas Yall!!

I hope yak have had a great holiday with friends and family. I’m currently down in Houston spending time fellowshipping and resting with family and friends enjoying time off of work and school!

It’s been a nice and much needed vacation away from Fort Worth. With craziness from finals and work it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. So I will offer my apologies for a lack of posts and inactivity. I have not forgotten about my special, weird, interesting, random (insert adjective here) blog.

It has been a wonderful Christmas with my family, and I’m very excited and happy that my sweet friend Ariel got to spend the holiday with us. Her Christmas plans fell through so, I invited her to spend Christmas with my family. She originally was supposed to go on a cruise with family, but the cruise was cancelled, and Ariel was unable to make her way back to her family in Ohio so she packed her bags and has been spending time with my family and I in Houston.

Before driving down from Fort Worth, Ariel and I had the opportunity to be tourists and adventurers and we went to the Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth. I was so cute and interesting learning about the different buildings and families. The interpreters were super sweet and informative and we really enjoyed spending the afternoon walking around.

I still feel the need to go and be adventurous, and I know that there is going to be ample opportunity for adventures and memory making. I am trying to be a little more intentional about not overwhelming and stressing, so many mini-vacations are ahead in my future!

I hope yall all are having a great holiday, I also hope we all remember what this season is truly about, and that we may be in prayer for those who aren’t getting to spend time with family whether due to distance, illness, and even death. I will ask for prayers for a classmate of mine. She lost her grandmother Christmas evening, so instead of feeling joy and happiness, there day was filled with sorrow and mourning. Let us not take advantage of the time we spend with those we love, because our days are numbered.

I love yall, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. Stay safe.

Warmest Blessings,

Victoria Hurst 🙂


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