Hearts of Compassion

Hello Lovlies!

It’s been a little while since my last post, but life has been busy, and messy, and stressful, and beautiful.

After Christmas at home with my sweet family, I visited Ariel’s family in Huntsville for a day, then we both made our way back to DFW to go back to school to finish out our winter break. I don’t know how other people spend their winter break, but all I feel like I did was work, eat, and sleep. I do know that there was fun thrown into the mix as well, but I feel as though I did not do anything productive or accomplish anything, except for maybe resting.

The last weekend of our winter break my parents came up for a visit and I got to spend some precious time with them! While they were here we got to go to Fossil Rim in Glen Rose and drive through and photograph the exotic animals there, I loved it!! Mostly I think I was just excited for some kind of adventure and exploration, but I was also thrilled to take pictures for the first time in a while.

Now this week we are back in the swing of things now that classes have started. I am worried I might break down from the overwhelming stress of all my classes and assignments, and my 28 hour weeks at work. But I am trusting in God and the support of my amazing friends and classmates to help me through the next couple of weeks. Its going to be a time of stress and chaos, but it’s going to be memorable and a beautiful time of life.

On another note, I realized recently with all that has gone on in the lives of my friends, coworkers, and body of believers, what God’s love is, and that compassion come from Him.

My sweet coworker Rachel lost her Grandpappy and then just a few short days later lost her cousin. This was a hard few weeks for her and all of her family. It happened at one of the worst times at work, but I know everything was in God’s timing, and we handled everything so we wouldn’t add to Rachel’s stress. But during this time my heart hurt and was heavy for her.

Yesterday at church, I learned that my worship pastor and his wife lost their child at 33 weeks. My heart hurts for them, but the beautiful thing is watching the congregation during the announcement, everyones eyes were filled with tears of sadness, but also with love. Its awesome to see a body pull together to support, uplift and encourage other members of the body and shower them with love and meals.

God gives us compassion, and I find it so amazing how it effects others, but also in my life. I feel compassion toward others through a heaviness in my heart, my heart physically and emotionally hurts for those hurting. My eyes fill with tears and my heart and spirit are heavy. But I find joy in the circumstances.

I have joy that I will again one day meet those dear ones again in heaven. I’m sad for the lives I don’t believe I will see again, but It gives me a drive and a purpose and encourages me to be actively sharing my faith and the Gospel, with strangers, but also with family. So that after their earthly bodies fade away I will see their heavenly bodies again one day in heaven.

Please be in prayer for my worship pastor’s family, pray that God continue to give them peace in comfort, but also I ask that you pray for their days that lie ahead. They are going to have really hard and hurtled times again, but pray that God continually give them support and encouragement through our church and through their friends.

Pray for Rachel and her family. Pray that God strengthens her family, but also that this time of sadness leads to joy, and if any of them do not know the name and face of God that an opportunity would be provided for the sharing of the Gospel.

Finally I ask that you might say a prayer for me. This next few weeks will be very trying and stressful, pray that I might have strength and endurance to finish strong, and that we will hire more associates at work quickly.

How can I be praying for y’all?

I love y’all,


DSC_0109 DSC_0137 DSC_0154 DSC_0163 DSC_0254 Here are some pictures from Fossil Rim


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