That’s what this is. I need to finish a book and write a review, yet I am very easily distracted this evening. I’m gonna have to buckle down the next few days to finish. Yet I just can’t seem to make myself right now.

Right now I am debating on dropping out of school to travel the world and be a photographer. For a magazine, website, or maybe just for postcard companies. I wanna be creative and artsy fartsy.

Also, I am very ready for spring break.

Also, I am very NOT ready for spring break.

I love my classes this semester, much more than the previous semester.

I don’t love all the reading and assignments that come with the classes this semester.

There is a conference at school this weekend, I am stoked.

There is a DNOW at church the weekend, I am not stoked about missing it.

I am conflicted, and indecisive on how I feel.


Yet, at this very moment, I do not mind. Though if anyone could listen to the thoughts in my head I’m certain they would have a head-ache and they would tell me I’m an over-thinker.

I already know this. I embrace it.

I’m a mess

You do you and I will do me, and I’m proud of the person I am.

I also know I still have much growing and maturing to do.

Have a great evening

I’m going to try and stop procrastinating now.

Goodnight! 😀



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  1. HurstMom says:

    I like the photos, however.


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