End of the Semester

My school semester is officially over. Praise the Lord. This semester has definitely been a trying and discouraging semester. But as I’m growing and maturing, I’m learning that life doesn’t happened as planned. There are twists and turns and plot twists. There are minor hills to climb over, and there are monuments mountains to climb. sometimes we don’t think we can make it over, but fortunately for me, this semester I had encouraging friends, family, and God.

I had a few curve balls thrown my way this year.

I quit one job in the middle of the semester and started a new one, I’ve lost co-workers and gained some. I’ve made friends, and felt encouragement. I haven’t lost friends, but I have definitely felt friendless at times during the semester and felt discouraged.

I was diagnosed with a new heart condition and in turn started a new medication that threw everything in me, off.

I have had ups and i have had downs, but now I feel successful in finishing this semester with diligence. I may not make the grades that I want, but I did not fail, I did not drop out. I feel good.

All in all, this semester has been trying, but now it’s past and its time to enjoy the summer.

I can breathe freely now!



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  1. I am glad it is behind you. One more milestone.


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