Speedy Summer

Hello Lovlies!

My apologies for not updating in a few months! I have no real excuse except for I have been living life.

Its been a busy past few months. Yet, at the same time its been a slow few months. Does that make sense? Some weeks the time flew and other weeks it was just a long dreary passing of the time.

But I am updating now, so enjoy the shenanigans that is my life!!

So back in May, I celebrated my 21st birthday. It wasn’t a normal young 21st birthday in the sense that I don’t drink. So I got up and got all dressed up for a day out celebrating with my friends. We got dressed and then went out to lunch at Thai Select in Fort Worth. They have some of the best Thai food in Fort Worth and I love the curry there.

Birthday Outing

After Thai Select we were supposed to go skeet shooting, but the weather was bad so we decided to go to an indoor range and shoot hand guns. Unfortunately, do to some miscommunication to me as I was getting dressed that morning, I didn’t wear appropriate shoes, so I dropped the crew off at the gun range and I and Ariel went to go get pedicures. So as we relaxed and got pedicures, the rest of the crew finished up at the range and went to Theresa’s house and played some rock band. After the game and the jamming. We took Megan and Angelo back to school and went all the way out to El Paseo off Jacksboro Highway. Some of my other friends met us there and we celebrated ! It was a great night! And to take the cake after dinner we were sent to the basement because of a tornado warning. It was a night to remember, we watched Legally Blonde as we huddled together in the basement.

Now later in May, my mom (Michele) and I went on a road trip to San Angelo to visit my grandma (Meemaw) and my great aunt Sue. It was fun being out in west Texas. I got to break in my new ENO hammock.

ENO in the Pecan Orchard.
ENO in the Pecan Orchard.
The View from my ENO
The View from my ENO

I love my ENO. It’s becoming my favorite thing to do. I can go on an adventure and just string it up anywhere. Another thing that has been a new favorite thing to do is to go exploring! Ariel and I have loved getting in one of our cars and taking the back roads around the DFW area getting to know our way around and getting lost and finding our way back. We start on a little County road and just weave our way down more and more county roads getting further and further away from Fort Worth or Arlington, and then we work our way back sticking to Farm to Market roads and County roads.

County Road near Aledo
County Road near Aledo
Weatherford Court House
Weatherford Court House
Sunset in Aledo
Sunset in Aledo

Just some of the sights we’ve seen on our trips. We’ve started mapping our trips on a DFW map!

Well due to my computer or the webpage continually failing. I will have to finish updating y’all in another post later. I’m going to give my computer a break and will update y’all some more later!!



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