Cold Fronts and Porches

I don’t think there is anything more relaxing and thought provoking than sitting in a rocking chair or on a porch swing, just observing the world around me.

Friday, I was going a little stir crazy from being on campus non-stop since moving my brother up nearly a month ago. Sure I’ve been off campus, but it has been for church or errands. Not for anything fun or relaxing. And with the start of school, everything has been passing in a blur. Working, going to class, attempting to study, it’s been a lot all at once, and I’ve been stressed and overwhelmed. So on a spontaneous impulse, I checked with my brother to see his plans, then called my grandmother, an after we finished our classes friday afternoon, we loaded up the car and drove from Fort Worth to San Angelo for the weekend.

I know Mathew (my brother) would have much preferred driving home to Houston, but neither of us have seen our grandmother (Meemaw) in months, and not knowing what could happen between now and Christmas, and not knowing our thanksgiving plans. We drove out to see her and our Great Aunt Sue.

All we’ve really done this weekend is sleep, sit on the back porch enjoying each other’s company as well as the cooler weather, and watch football and movies. But it has definitely been a good time to recharge my batteries, rest, and reflect on school, life, and the Scriptures.

I’m taking Old Testament 3 this semester over Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. Part of my tests and assignments for OT3 is that I must memorize 2 chapters in Psalms. So I’ve been reading, scanning, and reflecting on Psalms. I’ve been gleaning the messages presented, as well as trying to decide which passages to memorize. Most of the Psalms tell of God’s power and creation and works. How Great He Is!

It’s been really nice to sit outside rocking the back porch and watch His creation. I can feel the cool breeze, now turned wind, and know the seasons will be changing soon. It’s still warm enough that the hummingbirds have not yet migrated. The whir of their fast wings is distinct and calming and their high pitched squeaks and chirps express their concern and annoyance with one another as they chase each other away from the feeders. It’s almost a giggling sound. The dove coo, though there aren’t many of them right now. I suspect they are hiding and taking shelter from the dove hunters 😉 The squirrels chirp and bark at each other and any thing or person who comes near them and chases them from their hunt for pecans.

The horse in the neighboring pasture meanders slowly as I watch, this makes me feel conflicted. He has not a care in the world. Does he understand how fleeting time is? It passes by me like quicksand. I feel nostalgic. I remember watching the horses in the neighbor’s back pasture when we would go to Louisiana to visit my grandparents. I remember the dove cage my grandfather tended. It reminds me of the dove enclosure my neighbor (Mrs. G) had in her backyard. I would help her care for those dove every now and then. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a ring-necked dove with feathers that white. I loved being able to walk into my backyard and here their coo’s. That chesty deep sound is comforting and beautiful. Almost melodious like the wind chimes my parents and grandparents would keep. I love the sound of wind chimes.

I am not ready to return to school, but I am. I’m excited to learn more about Job and Psalms. I’m ready to here more sermons from the chapel speakers. I’m not ready to give up this time with family. This time of rest and reflection. I don’t want to get out of this rocking chair. But I must. God called me to school for a reason. He has a purpose for my life. this is just a passing season, like the summer. Soon, I will be in a different phase and season, longing for this one.

I pray you look at nature and see His creation, and wonder at it. and find peace and comfort in it!




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