Bee’s Knees

Do you ever just sit back and watch nature? This morning I’ve had the rare privilege of just sitting in my front porch enjoying the wind and the warm sunshine, nothing else too pressing going on. And even though I am in the middle of the city, I can still hear the sounds of the roosters calling and the birds chirping, the crows are casing. But even neater is the bees. I have a huge rosemary bush growing in the bed next to the porch, its flowering and putting off a faint fragrance that can be smelt slightly in the breeze. It’s the neatest thing to watch the bees. Though the wind is mighty and strong today, they are not blown off course. Sure, they sway a bit and they aren’t getting to their destination as quickly as they would like. Despite the minor setback that the wind provides, they are still determined to drink the nectar from the tiny blooms on the rosemary bush. They don’t worry about me sitting so close, they are just set on their mission. Its curious and wonderful.

Am I like a bee? am I determined and diligent in my efforts for the Lord? Or do I let the wind and trials of like deter me?

I think in my life, I tend to be more like a fallen leaf or a piece of litter that just gets tossed around in the wind easily distracted. I should seek to be more like the bees. Set on course and only slightly setback by the things life throws at me.

It is the coolest thing to sit back and watch the creation of God. Each bee floats and hovers from one bloom to the next, buzzing past one another, landing and stopping for only a brief moment, before moving on. Faithful to the task at hand. I totally recommend going and siting outside. Just sit and be still. Pray and observe whats going on around you. Soak up some vitamin D. Enjoy the warm weather and the breeze. Cause, you know what they say about Texas weather. Just wait a few minutes and it’ll change. Take advantage while you can.



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