New Year Silence

Hello, its been a little while. I hope you are well. I hope you are finding joy in the little everyday things. I know I am, at least today.

Sometimes its difficult amidst the hustle and bustle to find time for stillness, silence, and God’s word. I try to make time daily, but that does not always work out in my favor. And for me, a lot of times, lack of stillness means its harder for me to stop and find little joys. Without those moments of peace and focus, I lack focus and intentionality.

I am learning that I need stillness, and the last couple weeks, Saturday mornings are quickly becoming my favorite. I wake up fairly early (I’ve always been more of a morning person) take care of errands and chores early (if I can help it), and then sit with a cup of hot coffee or tea, and read and rest and reflect.

For the last month or so, I’ve been studying the life of David (1 & 2 Samuel) with some friends as a Bible study, but I do my readings and use that time as a still and quiet time. I forget just how rich a history the Old Testament provides for us. So many people and churches spend a majority of their time in the New Testament, but I find the Old Testament refreshing to read.

In the OT times, the people had to rely on prophets to hear from the Lord, Christ had not yet come. Sometimes it feels like the OT people had to have more faith, or maybe their faith was just different. They didn’t have the same miracles and amazing works to help along their faith. I really admire the people in the Old Testament, and as I am reading about David’s life, despite his faults, David lived a rich and faithful life.

I am in a sort of transitional season in my life. Many of my friends are getting married, engaged, or having kids and I feel like there isn’t much in my life that is changing. I know my life is changing, I’ll be graduating soon, probably December, but I’m at a loss as to what I’m doing after I graduate.

My desire is to do what the Lord has planned and willed for me. But what is that plan? For the most part I’m totally okay not knowing the plan and will, but times like now, I have a desire to know what I’m supposed to do next. I don’t need or want the whole plan, but a glimpse would be nice.

Really I need to trust the Lord, and be content with where He has me. I need to learn to trust Him, and rely on Him. But mostly be content in Him. Trust Him. Lean on Him.

I always tell people that I feel closest to the Lord when I am out in nature in His creation. But I’m learning too, that I feel close to the Lord when I am serving Him, by loving others and sharing the name of God with unbelievers. Like Donna, Mary, Sherry, and many others I’ve had the privilege to encounter.

How can I pray for you? What’s your story? What is your life like? I love listening to people and hearing all about their lives. I love all the little details. Its one of my favorite parts of meeting new people, learning about them.

Well I hope you have a peaceful and restful Saturday.



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